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Hi, my name is Dresean. I want to tell you a story about my life, it will be dreadfully long, but it’ll come full circle and you’ll understand more about me and why I decided to start this program.

You know how everyone has a calling or a dream job when they’re growing up? Yeah — I wasn’t that guy. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I contemplated being a lawyer, mechanic, martial artist, musician, pilot, engineer, professional gamer, rapper, and a judge. 

While trying to come to a conclusion, I narrowed my choices down to what makes the most money and what I could see myself doing long term. The outcome of that choice was deciding to take the route of pursuing law school. I thought it was a good fit for me because I’m very competitive, I love the art of communication, and I love helping people — I also love making money.

I enrolled in College to pursue Law, and I worked full-time as a security guard to build up a background in something related to the field (I thought this was the easiest job to get that was relevant for my career path while in school). While attending school, I lived at home with my mother and my step father. When you hear this story, it sounds perfect right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there was a lot of  adversity that I was facing. It was not because I was a bad student, in fact I had a 3.9 GPA in school. It wasn’t because I partied a lot, got involved in drugs, or did the typical things that college students did. It was because my mother was too compassionate to our tenants that would not pay rent. We lived in a large home in Queens, NY, and was forced to get rid of our home because of irresponsible tenants as it was hard to afford the house without their rent.

After we got rid of our home, juggling school while trying to find where I was going to live was hard. I lived in an abandoned house for a few months and used to take showers at the Blink Fitness by Jamaica Avenue in Queens. I had to drop my hours at school and start working 16 hour shifts as a security contractor for multiple companies — I worked every single day and had three jobs just in case there wasn’t enough work at one. What made this even harder is that I was in a relationship and I felt embarrassed by my living situation because I had never been in a situation like this before. It definitely was a humbling experience.

I started working at a company called Kedrion Biopharma and met a few engineers who were only slightly older than I was at the time, but they were making a lot of money. I honestly did not even know that people could make that much money in their early 20s, I never imagined it possible. That experience led me to pursue Engineering. I started asking questions on the job, learned about tools like AutoCAD and dedicated a lot of time to trying to understand Mechatronics. After I felt like I understood it, I started googling “Get an engineering job without a college degree” and I found a video that said not to pursue engineering, but to pursue Digital Marketing instead. That’s how it all started.

I bought a bunch of books, read from blogs like Search Engine Land, Moz, Search Engine Journal, and more. I took the knowledge I learned and did it for myself. Once I was able to start generating revenue for myself, I started doing it for others, but then I took a step back and decided to get a job. Since the start of me pursuing SEO, my income has always gone up. I made 6 figures by the age of 23, have worked with big brands like Chase Bank, Amazon, Aetna, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I never thought in my entire life that I would be doing online marketing. I also never thought in my life that people in marketing can live the lifestyle that SEO allows. 

I’m more grateful than ever to have this skill, and I see it as a new opportunity every single day when I’m doing it. I never take it for granted because it has changed my entire life. That’s why I started creating courses, to teach you how you can achieve the same thing that I was able to achieve. That is part of my mission.


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